Who we are

We areProducers of fine wines since 1988

Documents held by the family show that our south-facing estate on the banks of the River Duero east of the city of Aranda has been used to cultivate grapes for at least 200 years.

New plantations began in the late 1980s and by 1990 our single vineyard estate had taken shape. There comes a moment when a vineyard’s age begins to pay quality dividends and experts agree this occurs at the 30-year mark.

01Our Philosophy

During the early years of the vineyard’s growth we sold our grapes to other wineries. It quickly became clear that our vineyard was capable of concentrating flavours and aromas in grapes. Our approach then turned to harnessing this potential to make increasingly identifiable and special wines.

02Our Technique

Anticipating a time when the vineyard’s fruit would become exceptional, a modern winery was built among the vines in 2000. It was designed to use gravity to move grapes to fermentation tanks. This is the gentlest and least intrusive method which protects the quality of the fruit.

03A Worthy Result

We have a talented team of experts, each one of them is passionate about great wine.

ExploreOur Story

We have a great team who is enthusiastic and passionate about wine grapes.

First plantationDocuments in our family archive show a detailed study was conducted to obtain best results from a vineyard on our estate.
AirshipThe airship España enters service in Spain with our estate used as a landing ground. Spain's King Alfonso XIII flew in it on Feb. 7, 1913 but airships were deemed too dangerous after the Hindenburg fire.
Return to the vines"I took advice from Alfonso Velasco, a close friend and renowned agricultural engineer, and decided to plant a vineyard." - Josefina Martín Berdugo. The first new vines are planted at our estate, initiating the current phase of modern winemaking with a plot of 35 hectares.
First harvestThe Martín Berdugo estate yielded its first grape harvest which was sold to other wine producers in the region.
New wineryRenowned architects Vicky Daroca and María Viñé design award-winning winery using gravity to move grapes and wine.
FireLightning bolt sets winery on fire almost destroying the business.
Coming of ageNearly half of vineyard is 30 years old, a transition into maturity when the grapes make increasingly interesting wines.

TERROIRThe soul of our wines

The deep essence of our wines is found within the mature single vineyard estate that surrounds our winery.

We areA family endeavour

At the heart of our winery is the family.
Winemaking was relaunched when Josefina Martín Berdugo planted new vines with the assistance and support of her husband Enrique and their three children Antonio, Bruno and Pepa. From left to right, Antonio is responsible for the day-to-day operations. Enrique retired from a lifetime in medicine. Bruno is a successful designer whose flair is visible everywhere in the winery. Josefina, whose investment in her ancestral lands has made our wines a reality, is the powerhouse behind this family enterprise. Pepa, the youngest member, divides her time between professional activities and visits to the estate.

Accept what life offers you and try to drink from every glass. All wines should be tasted; some should only be sipped, but with others, drink the whole bottle. Paulo Coelho
The key to transforming excellent fruit into fine wine is teamwork.

We consider ourselves fortunate to count on some of the most talented professionals in the business.