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martín berdugo Verdejo

Green, it's your green I love.

An appetizing fresh and fruity white wine, an April breeze; bright yellow, like sunlight filtering throught the vines. Concentrated aroma like a sprint feast where greeen buds and petals frolic together. Tasty, fruity, charged with exotic and persistent flavors, a slightly bitter and long lasting aftertaste. This fruity wine expresses the verdejo varietal, the essence of the Rueda wines. To truly appreiate this wine, serve cold (6º to 8º C). Let martín berdugo give you the chills!!

Ficha de cata: 

Appearance/Color: Pale yellow with hints of green. Very bright and clean.

Nose/Aromas: Honest aroma, fresh with intense fruit, peach, grapefruit, apricot reminiscent of syrup, pear, banana on a floral background with hints of citrus.

Mouth/Flavors: Well structured, balanced acidity, extended fruity finish, fresh lingering aftertaste.  

Variety: Verdejo 100%.

Alcohol: 13%


  • Cardboard boxes for 12 75cl bottles.
  • Cardboard boxes for 12 50cl bottles.

Serving temperature: Optimal between 6º and 8ºC.

Recommended consumption: within a year

Recommended pairing: Salads, fresh cheese, fish, rice, sea food etc