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Vino Martín Berdugo MB

Sophistication in a bottle.

Sophisticated. A great signature wine, the fruit of our desire to innovate. Conceived to surprise.

This wine is made from grapes picked in strictly controlled areas of the vineyard. After a painstaking manual selection of clusters and fruit, the grapes, using modern criomaceration techniques, undergo a prefermentation in 6º C for four days, before a long fermentative maceraction for 18 days.

Ficha de cata: 

Appearance/Color: Garnet dark cherry color with a slightly violet rim.. 

Nose/Aroma: Mature fruit, aromas of red fruits of the forest, gooseberry, spicy,nutmeg, hints of peper, vanilla, cinnamon, pleasant toasted aromas, very balanced, complex and elegant.

Mouth/Flavor: Fruit compote with sweet mature tannins with a lingering pleasant finish. some balsamic and mineral notes. Semi fruity and mineral aftetaste which confers an elegant personality to the wine..

Variety: 100% tinto fino, tempranillo.

Alchohol: 14%

Alcholic Fermentation: Fermented in stainless steel vats with strict temperature control

Malolactic Fermentation: Fermented in new French oak barrels.

Aging: 16 months in new French oak barrels.


  • Cardboard boxes of 6  75cl bottles.

Serving temperature: 18 ºC

Recommended consumption: From now through the next ten years.

Recommended pairing: Large game, red meat and dried meats.