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martín berdugo Joven

Our party animal!

A sure bet; the perfect backup. A modern classic, suits all palates. Flamenco dressing exposes its flamboyant soul at first glance. A seductive cherry red, an intoxicating and intense aroma with aundant fruit, black fruits and floral notes and a captivating full body evoke lively long nights decorated with candles and colored lamps. Doesn't it fit like a glove?

Ficha de cata: 

Appearance/Color: Bright intense cherry red with glints of purple and violet nuances. Clean and bright expressing its young soul.

Nose/Aromas: Intense aroma of abundant black fruit. Hints of floral and fresh fruit aromas.

Mouth/Flavors: Full bodied. Well stuctured with wild fruit flavors. Good balance with acid and sweet tannins. 

Variety: Tinto fino/Tempranillo 100%.

Alcohol: 13.5%

Alcoholic fermentation: 7 days at 22º

Malolactic fermentation: 15- 20 days in stainless steel vats.


  • Cardboard boxes for 12 75cl bottles.

Serving temperature: 16 ºC

Recommended consumption: From now through the next two years

Recommended pairing: All types of meat and fish.